Hello, my name is Amanda Wilkins! 

I am passionate about my creative work and my family. I grew up and still live in Durham Region with my husband and son. I like supporting local small businesses whenever I can.

Photography has always been a passion of mine and after the birth of my son and getting the opportunity to explore it on a professional level, I fell even more madly in love.  Being trusted to provide photos for the important moments in life humbles me every time. 

My style is relaxed, ever-evolving and most importantly, always fun. I love capturing those real moments of people being themselves. I am a true believer that by allowing people to just be themselves creates real moments and connections that I strive to reflect in my work.

You want to know what makes me a ‘Geeky Girl’, right? Well, it could be my love of Star Wars, Doctor Who, and pretty much anything on Space channel. That I met my husband online and that he operates a local IT company. Maybe even my interest in gadgetry, technology and just general nerdery. Whatever it is, it’s a loving title I give myself and wear proudly. Being a Geeky Girl with a right-brained way of thinking challenges me to bring both a creative and technical approach to my photography, design and everything else I do!

Thanks for checking in and wanting to learn a little more about this Geeky Girl.

Hope we can meet one day!

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Amanda Wilkins of Geeky Girl Photography & Design
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Doing what I love!

Just for fun, here are 10 things you may not know about me:

* I cannot whistle to save my life! Many have tried and failed to teach me.
* I am the oldest of 6 siblings in a blended family. At the time of writing this, I have an 11-year-old brother. This is where much of my comfort comes from working with little ones.
* I’ve been setting up elaborate photo shoots for many years now with no shortage of models to ‘play with me’ (see #2). My aunt once told me I would be a photographer one day… just took me a couple extra years to get here.
* I am a huge Big Brother fan. Before having my son (you know, before kids when you have SO much extra time on your hands lol), I was addicted to the live feeds even. It’s just so ridiculous and funny.
* Coffee is a major food group for me. Daily requirement.
* I cannot stand winter. Being cold actually makes me angry. Slush, road salt, scraping ice off my car…. yuck.
* I have a bit of an obsession with fleece blankets. If I am on the couch watching TV or sitting on my computer I almost always have a ‘fuzzy mank’ wrapped around me. My husband gets me a new fleece blanket every year for my birthday. They are just so comfy and warm!!
* When I was 12 I traveled across the US in an RV with my family and saw all the major tourist attractions. Las Vegas was my favourite stop.
* I love any kind of music and like to mix is up depending on my mood. If I have a lot of editing to get through, I am probably listening to hip hop or EDM though.
* Culinary Arts was my favourite class throughout high school. I can make a killer apple pie from scratch with my eyes closed!